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How do I get an appointment with you?

I fully book my diary every 2 months at a time, therefore I’ll open my books for new appointments every 2 months. I’ll post on my instagram when my books will be reopening and taking new bookings, I’ll also write in my instagram bio roughly when I’ll be next taking bookings too.

A week before the date I reopen my Diary I’ll ask you to fill out the Booking Request Form on my website, I'll announce on my instagram the date I'll be emailing you guys back so you can keep an eye out on your emails. The quicker you reply the more likely you are to get a slot! 

I’ll only have a limited amount of slots available, so unfortunately I won’t be able to get back to each and everyone of you but if you're happy to wait and re apply for your Tattoo Request in 2 months time then please do.

I prioritise my bookings on the pieces that suit my style the most. 

To avoid missing my Diary re opening try turning on Post Notifications for my Instagram Page.

My Booking Request Form hasn't worked?

Sometimes my website experiences glitches with different phones and internet connections. If you're struggling to get on with my Booking Form then send me an email with all of the information asked for within the form to

How much will my tattoo cost?

I charge £100 per hour   -   

Day session - which is 6 hrs of tattooing £500/Bournemouth £600/Brighton 

My minimum charge is £90

Each booking will require a deposit

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